Test our ROQ Printing machines without limits

Our Research, Development and Innovation Center is where the team of experienced printing experts works with ROQ’s machines to further optimize workflow, print quality, production capacity and sustainability (by reducing energy needs and raw material consumption).

You can visit and check out our machines printing the most variable prints on the different garments and other materials, such as umbrellas, ceramics, footballs, pillows, sandals, shoes and much more!

Book your individual or group visit, come and discover ROQ's printing equipment and observe your own designs coming to life.
Witness all our machines in action and receive a thorough explanation of their capabilities.

The most recent visits to our ROQ TECH CENTER

ROQ was thrilled to host customers from Germany and Slovenia for our KIT ROQ Your iMagination summit.

This summit's goal was to show our customers the ROQ business system, processes, machines and technologies!

The 3 days of learning and sharing experiences were spent:

» Visiting the ROQ facilities, including our vertically integrated production unit

» Several DTG and screen printing workshops at the ROQ Tech Center with the collaboration of our Partner in Germany (KIT GmbH (Kroschewski Industrie Technik GmbH)), Magna Colours Ltd Limited (screen printing inks) and Sefar (screen printing accessories)

» Watching real time prints on our Premium Full DTG machine, the ROQ NOW, and its “small sister” machine, the ROQ GO

» Following all the printing processes on the ROQ HYBRID and observing the combination of Micropigment 2.0 bases, pastes, primers, clears, blocker and colors CMYK+RG for high bright prints, ensuring an amazing soft hand-feel while keeping the elasticity and excellent washing fastness results

» Seeing our Premium direct to ship packaging line Folding, Stacking, Packing, Bagging and Labelling

» Among other leisure and group activities!

It was a great opportunity to strengthen business relations and prepare for the future of the printing industry.

During these days at YOUR ROQ IMAGINATION 2023, our customers were able to see the machines in operation, learn about new printing techniques, and explore DTG, Hybrid, screen printing and packaging solutions.

We are sure that they took the opportunity to learn about the difference and innovation that ROQ makes with each of the machines it manufactures.

Also recently, seeing the best textile machines in the world printing in our ROQ Tech Center amazed a group of teachers from the FHBK, an arts and crafts school in Germany, who visited ROQ to see our vertically integrated factory.

The size of our factory, where we process certified raw materials and produce the best screen printing, digital, packaging and drying machines from start to finish, also surprised our visitors.

Accompanied by a representative from the Erasmus program, they proposed a student exchange program to ROQ, which we are happy to consider.

Which machines you can find on ROQ TECH CENTER

In our ROQ TECH CENTER, you can find screen printing machines, digital printing machines, dryers, packaging, stacking, labelling and bagging machines.

If you would like to see one or more of our machines in operation, book a visit sending an email to 

Our locations:

North of Portugal near Riba D'Ave (in the video below) » As well as being able to see the different machines in action, a visit to the ROQ TECH CENTER allows our customers to see in real time the quality of the prints produced on our machines.

Clermont, Florida, USA » At the ROQus TECH CENTER, you'll get hands-on experience and one-on-one training with a ROQ Automatic Screen and/or Digital Printing Expert.

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