Our Policy

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to meeting our clients' needs and expectations in a dynamic and proactive way, constantly adapting to new market demands.


We act responsibly. All employees are responsible for guaranteeing the quality of our products, for preventing risks to people and the environment, and for ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to the products and the organization. We promote open dialogue at all levels of the organization and consult our teams on issues relating to safety, environmental protection and the quality of our products. We encourage this way of working with our partners and suppliers.

Products and processes

We develop technologically advanced products that are safe for users and environmentally friendly. In designing our processes, we guarantee the quality of our products, the safety of people and the minimization of environmental impact. We prepare our processes to respond to unexpected situations.


Innovation defines our future. We promote creativity and teamwork, seeking innovative solutions in textile printing technology and other complementary equipment. To this end, we develop our skills and processes.


We act responsibly, managing resources while preserving their continuity. We guarantee sustained economic development while maintaining high standards of government, preserving the environment and improving social welfare.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously improve our products, processes and conditions. We support improvement with the Kaizen methodology, so that processes and procedures are systematically reviewed.

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