The Robin to your Batman – These screen printing accessories will be your trusty sidekick

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» Why are screen printing  accessories so important?

» What does a ROQ Flock bring to the table?

» ROQ ASP : A sidekick to another sidekick?

» How to save time and money by using a ROQ Foil?

» Heroes and Sidekicks

In life, we have been proven time and time again that working alone is never the way to go. Regardless of who we are or how good a particular machine is, working whilst having a good support base is always of the utmost importance.

Just as Batman needed Robin, Sherlock Holmes needed Dr. Watson or Frodo needed his fellowship of the ring, our ROQ screen printing machines will always perform better when paired up to their trusty sidekicks, ROQ´s accessories line.

Only when paired up to these accessories, can our ROQ machines truly perform to their peak potential and deliver products of even higher quality. If your print shop is considering what to do next in order to optimize  the production cycle or even just increase the quality of its end product, then the trusty sidekicks I’m now going to talk about might be the answer.

» What does a ROQ Flock bring to the table?

Flock or flocking is a special effect commonly applied by many printers around the world. This process will deposit many small fiber particles onto a surface, increasing the value of the design in terms of feel, aesthetics, color and appearance.

The traditional method to apply this special effect is known to generate an enormous amount of waste, contaminating a print shop with its harsh to inhale material when applied normally.

The ROQ Flock is a machine designed to solve this issue and bring a much better solution to the market. This accessory serves this exact purpose with precision, minimum color contamination through its much safer closed system and a high production speed of around 600 pieces per hour.

Compatible with the ROQ You, Eco, Oval Pro and Oval Evolution, this machine is a versatile addition to any print shop looking to expand and improve their flocking capabilities.

What was once a messy process that required a lot of cleanup, is now just another screen in your ROQ Screen Printing Machine. It synchronizes with the machine's central control system and becomes a normal part of production, only requiring one operator to keep feeding it with more flock.

» ROQ ASP : A sidekick to another sidekick?

The ROQ Asp falls into a very interesting category. It was mainly designed to be ROQ Flock's sidekick, and a formidable one at that.

As I have said above, the traditional flocking process is known to create a huge amount of waste and fibers that contaminate the environment of a print shop. Not only is it bad to have such a messy process going on, but also one that is a possible risk to your operator's health.

With the ROQ Flock at work, most of these issues will no longer occur. However, after a garment is flocked, there are always some residual fibers that don’t adhere properly to the glue. These will often easily come out of the garment and contaminate your print shop.

The ROQ Asp was created to take care of this issue by being installed under any print head and vacuuming the excess flock or other impurities your garments might have.

Not only will it make sure your shop’s environment remains pristine, but also give your end product a cleaner and higher quality look.

» How to save time and money by using a ROQ Foil?

The process of applying foil, just like flocking, is considered a special effect within the screen printing world.

In the past, this was usually made using a heat press and an operator fully dedicated to this task. Our ROQ Foil was designed to change this process into a much simpler one by allowing it to connect with any ROQ screen printing machine and work within its production cycle, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator.

One screen is used to apply glue to the exact spot you wish the foil to stay. Afterwards it moves to the ROQ Foil where up to 3 foil colors can be applied in one passage. The foil will be placed on top of the fabric, and then a heat press will apply the necessary pressure and heat to guarantee that the material adheres to the textile surface.

This reliable sidekick is included directly within the workflow of your ROQ screen printing machine and turns the process of applying foil from expensive and lengthy to a fast and profitable one that will also exponentially upgrade the quality and value of your prints.

» Heroes and Sidekicks

As you can see, all of these solutions are much more than mere accessories, as they are true sidekicks to ROQ´s screen printing machines that will significantly improve your final product’s quality, facilitate the use of special effects and keep your print shop’s environment clean and safe.