Technical Specs

• Aluminum honeycomb pallets
• Squeegees with electric movement with AC inverter
• Independent control panel on all print heads
• Choice of pneumatic screen holder: ”U” clamp or pin system
• Print heads independent elevation
• AC servo-motor rotation system
• Print heads with automatic high-lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning
• Central control panel with polychromatic LCD touch screen (15”)
• Micro registration screen system with vernier scale
• Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length
• Placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head


The oval screen printing machine, Oval Evolution, is the flagship press of ROQ.

It has impeccable performance at every level. As it is super versatile, it answers any need a printer might have.

The Oval Evolution is a model of an oval screen printing machine that allows for larger printing areas. From 500 mm * 700 mm up to a maximum of 950 mm * 1250 mm.

This model has independent elevation making the Oval Evolution a very versatile oval screen printing machine. This feature gives the printer the freedom to set up the job or jobs in the most efficient way. That is why it is not unusual to find owners of OVAL EVOLUTION running 2, 3, or even 4 jobs at the same time. With the independent print head lift, you can setup the other modules in the positions that you need. Either a flash or the ROQ Flock, ROQ Foil, or any other module that adds value to the print. This allows the printer to perform any kind of job, from the most complex to the simplest one.

The printer can run several jobs with smaller sized teams, allowing for a better distribution of your work force.

The main feature of this oval screen printing machine is its capacity to maintain registry. ROQ’s rotation system is very different from the traditional oval system found elsewhere.

This is why ROQ extends a lifetime warranty on the registration to any of its Oval screen-printing machines.

This is then translated into reduced maintenance due to its robustness and reliability. A direct result of the innovative engineering and quality materials used in it.

Used in conjunction with our CTS or PRU (Positive Registration Unit) the user will have faster setup times, optimizing the whole production process and guaranteeing that the machine will spend most of its lifespan printing instead of waiting around.

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