ROQ and DuPont, a successful Digital Printing partnership

“An unparalleled standard of wash-fastness in digital printing”, this is one of the many added values that ROQ and DuPont’s successful partnership created for textile industry printers and business owners.

Together with the ROQ full DTG machines, the ROQ NOW and the ROQ GO, DuPont™ Artistri® digital textile inks are a step-change in technology, offering a 30% improvement in color compared to the previous generation digital DTG inks. This improvement is possible also in view of the process of how our ROQ machines apply the ink and manage its consumption.

The key to this unbeatable ROQ’s Digital machines wash-fastness is the binder-less pretreatment and the clear protector that makes it easier to maintain consistent quality print after print. This together with the premium excellence of DuPont’s white ink and expanded gamut colors (CMYK+OG) makes the ROQ NOW a market case study with productivity of over 200 unique photo quality prints per hour with one operator!

The binder-less pretreatment and the clear protector used in the ROQ NOW means the least amount of visible marks than all other DTG solutions. Because there are no binders it can be rinsed off completely. If you have printed DTG before you know how truly amazing this is!

White ink printing is typically the hard part but with the ROQ NOW it’s a breeze. 

After drying and pressing, the clear color protector in the white cabinet locks in the print giving industry leading wash-fastness without a heavy crusty pretreated garment. Additionally, it also ensures consistent quality and precision either in small batches as in large series.

The ROQ GO is also a case study that can be fully integrated in a Print-On-Demand Ecosystem

Paired with the industry leading ROQ NOW, ROQ also partnered with Dupont, pioneer in the digital ink space with 30 years’ experience, the ink gamut for the ROQ GO, a single pallet digital printer suitable for both the fashion market and web to print industry.

This machine also prints photo-quality images up to a maximum area of 500x700mm (20"x28") with the same great wash-fastness and the industry leading standards of the ROQ NOW. The same ink set but with offline pretreatment that you can do on the ROQ READY. So, when you scale up you will have the same quality!

After printing the white, which is a DTG market benchmark standing out for the quality of the world renown Dupont inks, you dry the garment for a few seconds and then print the colors with industry-proven Fujifilm Strafire printheads with recirculation. This minimizes maintenance and extends service life.

Note that not only the printheads can be repaired, but also the capping station with individual caps per printhead makes it more efficient to recover deflected or blocked nozzles during the night or weekend.

Designed and built to ensure micron-scale precision printing, it includes a PC with ROQStudio RIP which is a market benchmark for digital textile printing. All in all, making the ROQ GO the perfect solution for DTG printing.

Regarding the main printing properties, formulated with proprietary DuPont™ Artistri® digital dispersion and polymer technology, the ROQ DTG line is compatible with ROQ SAHARA heat tunnel for drying and curing. This combines into an optimum pairing combining production quantity and quality for ROQ’s DTG machines

This means that you can confidently rely on ROQ, not only to provide the best full Digital printing machines in the market, but also for an integrated Print-On-Demand Ecosystem, including the ROQ SAHARA dryer and the ROQ PACKAGING LINE or the ROQ OUT.

The ROQ PACKAGING LINE is a range of packaging equipment considerably broad and complete, including the ROQ FOLD (folding machine), ROQ PACK (custom bagging machine), ROQ BAG (bagging machine), ROQ STACK (stacking machine) and the ROQ LABEL (labeling machine).

It should be noted that the ROQ PACKAGING LINE can have different layouts according to the characteristics of each production floor space.

As an alternative compact 3-in-1 solution for this Ready-to-Ship integrated Print-On-Demand Ecosystem, ROQ has a solution that occupies less than 5 square meters and enables folding, wrapping and labeling of t-shirts to be carried out on the same machine, the ROQ OUT.

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