A circular ultra versatile machine capable of indexing up to 1,200 per hour with ease

ROQ NEXT Automatic Screen Printing Press combines electric rotation with an AC servo motor, an independent printhead lifting system, and a user-friendly 15 inch touch screen to increase productivity by up to 20 percent over comparable ROQ YOU models.

It is equipped with a central console to control the entire press including ROQ Flash Dryers, ROQ Foil and ROQ Flock acessories and other functions which, together with the PRU (Positive Registration Unit), reduces set-up times dramatically.

» Colors: 1 to 18
» Pallets: 8 to 20
» Number of Flash Cure Connection Units: 3 to 9
» Print area: up to 33 x 39 in. (850 x 1000 mm) in double index printing mode in the XL models
» Maximum index speed: up to 1200 garments/hour
» More than 40 other Stardard functions and more than 20 Optional functions!

ROQ's circular screen printing machines are legendary

Many of those made far back as the 1980s still work everyday!

For the last 40 years, ROQ's circular machines have evolved tremendously while maintaining their legendary registration accuracy.

Some of its main features:

» The fastest set-up times on the market
» Maximum index print speed of up to 1,400 garments per hour
» B&R automation
» Maximum printing area of 800x1100mm (31.5"x43.5") which can be even bigger if the ROQ ECO is working on double index printing mode in the 3XL pallet size
» Aluminium ultra resistant and lightweight honeycomb pallets
» Independent printhead elevation in top models
» And many, many more!

Please note that ROQ also manufactures the below circular machines:

» An all-electric model - ROQ E
» A machine for transfer and DTF application - ROQ IMPRESS

For more information about the ROQ NEXT or other ROQ circular machines please email us at: 

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