Packaging Line: Which can be adjusted to your business

ROQ is increasingly concerned with keeping up with technological developments and is aware that the textile printing market is constantly evolving. Thanks to the eyes always in the future, it produces screen and digital printing machines, dryers and other accessories, with the best components, always promoting the integration in the web-to-print market.

The Packaging Line, which can be adjusted to the business of each costumer, consists of a cluster of machines capable of placing the garment ready to be shipped to the right recipient. This production line is capable of boosting any business related to the textile market and its derivatives. 

Through this process it is possible not only to optimize human resources but also production times, and in this particular case, to optimize packaging times.

Below you can watch the video explaining more about the ROQ Packaging Line (fold, stack, packbag, and label)


The star of this automatic fulfillment system, this machine folds garments of all shapes and sizes, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos (short or long sleeved), pants, skirts, dresses and even flags!

ROQ FOLD only needs one operator and, for the rest of the process, all that is required is the initial setting of the fold lengths, the type of folds (depending on the dimensions and specifications of the garment), and after that the process is automated.

You can couple the ROQ FOLD to any machine which is part of of ROQ's automatic packaging line (ex.: ROQ STACK, ROQ LABEL, ROQ PACK, ROQ BAG) that can process up to 700 garments/hour or 500 garments/hour if ROQ BAG is included on this automatic fulfillment system.

Your customers will be amazed with the speed of delivery and the personalized labels you can get from ROQ's automatic packaging line.

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