ROQ BAG - The Garment Bagging Machine

If you have a textile brand and plastic bags with your brand and logo, why bag clothes manually?

We present the ROQ BAG, which is an high speed fully automatic bagging machine for small t-shirts, polos, sweats, some long sleeves and pants.

You just have to put them on the tray and the machine does the bagging for you with up to 500 units per hour!

Additionally, you have the option to choose between adhesive strip, 2 tape points or even leaving the top of the bag open as this automatic bagging machine allows packing garments with pre-made bags closed by adhesive or by using tape.

And, as added value, it's compatible with ROQ FOLD, ROQ STACK, ROQ PACK and ROQ LABEL integrating into the ROQ's fully automated fulfillment system will revolutionize your business due to the speed with which garments can be prepared for delivery .

Watch the video below and check how this machine works!

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