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» What are the main issues linked to manual clothes folding?

» How has technology changed the folding process?

» Why will ROQ´s integrated shipping solutions save you time and money?

What are the main issues linked to manual clothes folding?

20 years ago, if someone told me there would be a machine that could automatically fold clothes, laundry, or any other kind of garments with great speed and precision, I would have probably not believed you.

Folding garments has always been a very repetitive and robotic process that often lagged behind and struggled to keep up with the high production speeds that clothing manufacturers are known for. Not only was it lagging behind, but it was also a very strenuous process for factory workers that had to relentlessly keep up their rhythm to make sure the overall production cycle didn’t stall.

This robotic process of manual garment folding has often been associated with long-term health issues like tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome and, for a while, it seemed like there was no viable solution in sight.

How has technology changed the folding process?

Thankfully, technology never ceases to amaze and through a lot of trial and error, these issues are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, not only is it possible to fold garments automatically but also doing so while folding them in a faster, more consistent manner.

ROQ´s automatic folding solution - the ROQ Fold -  has been designed from the ground up to answer to the most demanding tasks and fold any kind or shape of garments such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hoodies, trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.  

You can tailor the machine to your needs and control it through an easy-to-use software designed to make your life easier.

This versatility makes it an ideal partner for any kind of business within the garment industry, from smaller print shops to multi-national clothing manufacturers and various web-to-print businesses.

Only one operator is required to run this machine and, with speeds clocking at up to 700 pieces/hour, the ROQ Fold is one of the fastest and most complete machines on the market.

Why will ROQ´s integrated shipping solutions save you time and money?

While impressive on its own, the ROQ Fold shines brightest when paired up to its teammates, the ROQ Pack or ROQ Bag, and ROQ Label P&A.

If you pair it up with a ROQ Pack  it receives the folded clothes and creates a complete bag made out of 2 plastic rolls sealed through our flawless plastic welding system (either a normal bag or one ready for shipping). If you choose a ROQ Bag it receives those folded garments and bags them with a customizable premade bag. The ROQ Label P&A will then finish this process by applying a standard or a shipping label to the bag. At the end of this process, your garment will be ready to be shipped out.

All of these machines connect to each other and are controlled from the same user-friendly control panel, turning your shop into a complete and automatic production line that will fold, pack and label your garments in a fast but consistent way. Shipping your garments will never be the same.

With ROQ´s automatic folding machine and its integrated solutions, designed and built by a customer feedback-oriented team of highly skilled engineers, you will no longer have to wonder if the folding and packaging sections of your shop are going to keep up with your production speeds, and operators won't need to work overtime and strain themselves to do so.

Not only will you save time and money by allowing your operators to dedicate their time to other tasks, but also provide a safer and healthier environment for your company, making it the logical next step for any business.

Watch the full ROQ shipping line in action.