ROQ Multi Screen printing Pallets
The pallet is a central part of the screen printing process. At ROQ a great deal of attention was given to the design, materials, functions and construction of the screen printing pallets. The screen printing pallet is that part of the machine that subjected to most of the physical stress of the screen printing process, the pressure, rotation, temperature variations, etc.
Technical Specs

Pants pallets;
Umbrella pallets;
Sleeve pallets;
Socks pallets;
Vaccum system pallets – for vaccum machines only;
Bag pallets.


So having all of this in mind ROQ spent time and resources looking for a solution that improved greatly the lifetime and performance of the pallets. After several tests and tries ROQ came to the best solution. To be able to deliver high performance screen printing pallets the secret is in the materials and specially the architecture inside of the pallet. Traditionally it was assumed by everyone that solid metal pallets were the best solution. People believed in this due to its capacity to deal with physical stress and the capability of keeping high temperatures. These were the pallets that ROQ used many years ago. But they also presented some serious problems. The inertia they gained during the movement forced a lot of extra stress on the machine for it to stop and the fact that they hold too much temperature would cause serious problems in screen printing with water based inks.

So ROQ came out with its screen printing pallets made of aluminium but hollow. ROQ went to look at nature and identified the perfect shape for this purpose. After some tests and investigation the first ROQ Screen printing Pallets rolled out. They are still made of aluminium but as they are hollow it makes them much lighter than a regular pallet. The internal design is based on the honeycomb architecture. This feature lends them an extraordinary mechanical resistance necessary to endure millions of cycles in an automatic screen printing machine. As an added bonus it is much easier to control and change the temperature of these screen printing pallets. This is a unique feature that makes screen printing with water based inks a super-efficient process.

Using this technology ROQ created a line of pallets that serve every purpose, Bag Pallets, Multi Pallets, Pants Pallets, Sleeve Pallets, Socks Pallets, Umbrella Pallets, Vaccum Sytem Pallets. Any pallet you might need we can build it because every ROQ screen printing pallet is built in our factory. You won’t find these unless they are ROQ.

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