Impresión de pantalla
DTG Machines

Este trabajo de impresión fue realizado por el esfuerzo conjunto de una ROQ Hybrid y una ROQ Oval Evo P24.

 ¡Aprenda cómo lo hicimos!

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GJS es ahora el socio oficial de ROQ en Australia
"The OVAL machines from ROQ are the best"
"The prints feel absolutely fantastic"
Phil Alexandre
"I feel that I helped other people change their lives"
"It was really inspiring to be like every step of the process, they continue the same attention to detail"
“I can´t be happier with what we have”
“Honestly, because ROQ is the best in the world”
ROQ Testimonials: Interviewing Sidney Girolamo
"I was ready for something different. I saw in ROQ appealing solutions"
"Right now we work with good market brands, big brands"
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