Liquid Graphics and ROQ have been partners for many years.

The company, based in the United States, has an extremely close relationship with ROQ. The good results are due not only to the fact that they are embracing technology and the latest trends in screen printing techniques, but also for the fact that they have the excellent products of ROQ. Currently, Liquid Graphics has about 20 machines produced by ROQ.

The investment in this type of relationship, and the consequent maintenance of it, only adds to itself positive numbers aspects for both parties.

It is a pleasure for ROQ to be present in the success of those who are in the screen printing market and those who always seek to be the best in their field of activity.

The production with quality and, at the same time with high speed, allows to demonstrate that were produced in the three visible machines: 935, 792 and 869 pieces per hour.

We want this connection to continue for years and that the proximity between Liquid Graphics and ROQ will always remain excellent.

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