ROQ Now is ROQ's new DTG machine optimized for the web-to-print market.

It's ROQ's first 100% digital printing machine, developed to work with the Direct-to-Garment market.

Technical Specs

DTG printing inline process

Maximum production up to 200 pieces/hour (depending on print size and number of passes)
Fully automated workflow from order until print is finished
Ready for the Web-to-Print markets
Only one operator needed
Industrial printheads with piezoelectric technology and built-in ink recirculation
CMYK+2 station with water based pigmented ink and Digital white station
Maximum resolution 635 x 2400 DPI
Print height range of 3 to 20 mm
Z-axis adjustable to the height of the fabric to be printed
Tailored RIP software – ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa
RIP with function to decrease the white layer relative to the color layer in order to maintain perfect registration between both layers


The ROQ Now is a fully digital powerhouse.

By applying ROQ´s know-how when dealing with digital printing and oval format machines, we were able to create an industrial DTG printer that combines this new digital technology with high production and quality.

To achieve its high speeds of around 200 pieces per hour - either in variable data or copies of the same artwork for small-run jobs - the ROQ Now is offered with two inline pre-treaters, 4 flash-cures and 4 heat-presses that are all perfectly configured for a complete automated workflow.

Despite coming with such a complete set of features, our ROQ Now can be operated by only one person, eliminating the need to have a dedicated group of people running it, allowing your operators to dedicate their time to other tasks while maintaining a steady production rhythm. 

Due to this automated workflow, you will be able to accept more jobs, regardless of the order size, and confidently fulfil any demands your customers might have.

Because it was made from the ground up to work with the web-to-print market, our proprietary software will allow you to interface with your own ERP production software, helping you be even more efficient during job management.

Owning a ROQ Now will open doors for you and your company, allowing you to respond to orders in a much faster way while achieving even higher standards of  quality.

Pallets 16
Productivity (pieces per hour) up to 200ºC*
Pallets type Special pallets with fabric hold down system
RIP software RoqStudio and RoqServer Special Edition
Jobs management software RoqNowSW
Operating conditions 20ºC - 25ºC/68ºF - 77ºF, humidity 50-70% non-condensing
Eletrical requirements 3x400V AC 50 Hz, 55 kVA, 3ph + N + PE
Compressed air pressure 0.7 Mpa 120L/min., 17.6 cfm
Ink type Aquaris (by Dupont Artistri) - water based pigment
Maximum print area (mm/inch) 380 x 450/ 14.6'' x 17.2''
Carriage width (mm/inch) 380/ 14.6''
Number of printheads 12 or 18 per station
Ink set CMYK/CMYK+2
Printhead technology Piezoeletric/Fujifilm Dimatix
Advisable printing gap range (mm/inch) 3 - 4**/ 0.11'' - 0.16''
Printing height range (mm/inch) 3 - 20/ 0.12'' - 0.78''
Range of resolutions (dpi)

508x200 dpi; 508x400 dpi; 508x600 dpi; 508x800 dpi; 508x1200 dpi; 508x1600 dpi; 508x2000 dpi; 508x2400 dpi

635x200 dpi; 635x400 dpi; 635x600 dpi; 635x800 dpi; 635x1200 dpi; 635x1600 dpi; 635x2000 dpi; 635x2400 dpi

Carriage swath (mm/inch) 240/ 9.45'' 380/ 15''
Method of deposition/ number of nozzles sprinkler/ 2 or 8 nozzles
Tank size (L) 5
Pre-treatment lay down 10 - 50g
Control method Speed Control + uni and bidirectional
Power 7,2 kVA
Power/area 3,8 (W/cm2)
Number of heating lamps 6 x 1200W
Power 4 kVA
Power/area 2 (W/cm2)

* productivity for the web to print (all jobs different), for resolution of 508x1200 dpi (6 pass) in the colour station, in the bidirectional mode at normal speed.

** the greater the distance between the surface to be printed and the printhead, the lower the definition. 

ROQ NOW in action
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