ROQ is world leader in manufacturing screen printing oval machines

ROQ not only offers a wide range of printing, drying, packaging, and shipping equipment, but also produces all its machines from start to finish.

Unlike other brands that mainly integrate components, ROQ transforms raw materials into finished machines, assembling and controlling the quality of each part.

ROQ is the world's leading manufacturer of oval screen printing machines. Our registration system is legendary, ensuring consistent and accurate printing over time.

Know more about all our oval machines:


An automatic screen printing machine featuring a robust design, unrivaled versatility, and unstoppable durability.
It has an Independent control panel on all printheads and allows printing with countless colors.

ROQ OVAL's elliptical shape offers a competitive edge and allows operators the game-changing ability to run several jobs at the same time.


ROQ Oval Pro has a foolproof rotation system that allows it to meet the demands of the printing market. 

It is ideal for any textile business because, besides being possible to program the entire machine quickly and intuitively, optimizing production times, all its peripheral modules are connected in sync with the central console, such as Flash Dryers, ROQ Foil, ROQ Flock, among others.


ROQ Oval Run has been optimized to be extremely efficient while, at the same time, meeting the demands of the market and customers.

The major difference compared to other oval machines is that the Oval Run does not allow any configuration of the printheads. The configuration is fixed. After each printhead, there are two open spaces that can be used for drying, foil or flock or other effects.

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