One of the longest oval screen printing machines ever

ROQ Oval Evolution is the ultimate press for high production from one to virtually any number of colors as well as any kind of special effect.

At ROQ facilities we're building one of the longest oval screen printing machines ever, with 38 meters. This machine has 60 pallets and a maximum index speed of up to 950 garments printed per hour!

In addition to all these extraordinary facts, this machine has other distinctive features:
» 18 printheads
» Max print area of 800x1100mm | 31''x43''
» Automatic printhead lift for cleaning
» 18-inch console
» High versatility
» Automatic lubrication of the rotation system
» HMI panel on the printheads that allows you to adjust the print parameters from there

And many, many more features that make the ROQ OVAL EVOLUTION the most complete oval screen printing machine in the world.

Nothing better to prove that than the statement of a former Business Development Manager of a competitor: "I used to compete against a lot of ROQ equipment, especially in SE Asia.
I was always impressed with their robust design and durability and importantly, the positive feedback I was given by the customers I met.
Among others it is definitely a machine that should be considered if you’re looking at purchasing screen/digital equipment in the future and maybe browse the very extensive range of products that ROQ offer". 

Given this level of honesty, it remains to be said that we really have no limits at ROQ, and we have the best engineers focused on satisfying our customer needs.

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Do you know what is the maximum indexing speed of a ROQ Oval machine?

Although the correct answer is 950 prints/hour, when operating in double feed mode, our ROQ Oval machines can reach up to 1.900 printed garments every hour!

In addition to unparalleled registration accuracy, with machines made more than 30 years ago still in operation today and printing with the same accuracy as on the 1st day, ROQ Oval machines, from start of range ROQ RUN to Premium ROQ EVOLUTION, and also middle range ROQ PRO, are also recognized for the following competitive advantages:

» Allowing multiple productions at the same time
» Having ultra fast set up times (on loading and cleaning screens, changing drawings, squeegees, or other shopfloor operations)
» Incorporating a big touch screen control panel w/ B&R automation and intuitive interface with all functions available in the language selected by the customer
» Being easy to maintain and aesthetically striking
» Having over 50 incorporated standard features for printing not only on garments but also on shoes, balls, ceramics, umbrellas, lanyards and other merchandise, computer parts, metals, plastics or other rigid materials.

And for ROQ's technical support reaching every country in the world!

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