The new ROQ fully digital machine with excellent wash fastness

This is proven not only by washing resistance tests in independent and certified laboratories but also by ROQ's customers who already work with this machine and have years of experience in digital textile printing with other brands.

For our customers, other advantages of the ROQ GO are:

» The maximum print area of 500x700mm (20"x28") suitable for both the fashion market and web to print industry

» The quality of the world renown Dupont inks, namely whose white is a market benchmark

» The sustainability of water-based inks and their lower average consumption per print

» Industry-proven Fujifilm Strafire printheads with recirculation, which minimizes maintenance and extends service life. The printheads can be repaired!

» Efficient and stable ink circuit with recirculation with 2-stage filtration and degassing to remove microbubbles

» Capping Station with individual caps per printhead to make it more efficient to recover deflected or blocked nozzles during the night or weekend

» Designed and built to ensure micron-scale precision

» With PC and RIP included, ROQStudio is an OEM version of Neostampa, one of the market benchmarks for digital textile printing

» And last but not least, the same great industry leading quality prints from the ROQ NOW (same ink set but with offline pretreatment) so when you scale up you will have the same quality!

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