Ancient Greece – Statue

Our proposed solution is a printing job that mixes Foil, Crackle and Digital Printing over Crackle.

To properly execute this job 4 screens were required. The machines used to perform this task were the ROQ Oval Evolution P24 and a ROQ Hybrid 5070. Contrary to the previously produced samples, this one in particular, was created over a white background. Because of this, the 4 screens were used for Foil, Primer and the last 2 for Crackle.

We were able to perform this job with just 4 screens!

The first step was to apply the foil´s glue through the screen and afterwards applying the actual foil itself. After the foil´s application, at the screen, crackle is given. This Crackle is then flash cured at 150° for 4 seconds. The next step is to give it a second Crackle and to follow it with another flash cure, this time at 130° for 4 seconds. Afterwards, the primer is applied over the Crackle so that Digital Printing is able to be performed on it. A second of flash cure at 100° is enough for the piece to be able to enter the ROQ Hybrid for its Digital Printing.

This cure should be made on a flash with a probe. The ROQ Hybrid digitally prints the statue over the Crackle and after this, the piece will go into the dryer for 5 minutes at 160°. When it gets out of the dryer, there’s one last step. Crack! This is the way to make the statue look like it’s a few thousand years old. So, after this, we have an ancient Greek statue, with the years clearly weighing it down, which is built with 1200 dpis digital printing.

This is just one more example of the mix of techniques that a ROQ Hybrid allows you to do, with a combo between serigraphy and digital printing.