The best option for the web-to-print market

Hi, I am Bobby Panico from ROQ.US and I am talking to you today about the ROQ NOW.  

The NOW is ROQ's DTG solution with integrated pretreatment.  

What You need to know is it’s built on ROQ's Oval Platform with industry leading precision indexing.  This allows for consistent registration between the white and color stations.  

The Pretreatment is binder-less making it easier to maintain consistent quality.  Also this means the least amount of visible marks than all other DTG solutions. Because there is no binders it can be rinsed off completely.  If you have printed DTG before you know how truly amazing this is. 

After drying and pressing the Clear color protector in the white cabinet locks in the print giving industry leading wash fastness.  

White ink printing is typically the hard part but with the ROQ NOW it’s a breeze.  

DuPont chemistry in the machine is made in the USA. DuPont are pioneers in DTG inks and have over 30 years experience in DTG inks.  

Productivity this machine can produce over 200 unique prints per hour with one operator. 

These key advantages and many more make the ROQ NOW the most desirable DTG machine in the market.

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