Better prints with new ROQ HYBRID consumables

ROQ's hybrid and digital machine's prints have an unparalleled wash resistance, most probably the best in the market!

Equipped with Piezoelectric/FujiFilm Dimatix printheads with recirculation and CMYK/CMYK+2 ink set, the ROQ HYBRID’s ability to work in conjunction with screen printing machines makes it an ultra-versatile and reliable equipment when it comes to printing the best photo quality and special effects prints on garments up to 700x800mm.

Of course, that’s due of having as its underlying basis the ROQ’s legendary screen-printing registration system.

Besides that, ROQ HYBRID’s prints consistently score at least 4 out of 5 on tests for color fastness to domestic washing (ISO 105-C06 standard) and color fastness to rubbing (ISO 105-X12 standard). These tests are conducted several times a year by an independent and ENAC accredited Bureau Veritas laboratory on cotton garments.

New range of consumables to enhance the ROQ HYBRID prints

ROQ has recently launched two new consumables to further improve the quality of prints with its hybrid machines, so:  

Do you have dye migration problems? 
ROQ has a new solution for you!

The New Micropigment Blocker 2.0 is the way to go! Its homogeneous formula blocks the dye migration to top printings.

Watch the video below and check the difference!

Additionally, ROQ also launched the Clear 2.0 to enhance the ROQ Hybrid Micropigment 2.0 inkset performance on printed fabrics.

With this 2 new MicroPigment 2.0 solutions and the recommended  printing process, your prints on ROQ Hybrid ensure: high elasticity, even after washing, soft touch, protection and high brigth prints.

Feel free to ask us to provide the results of color fastness washing tests in accordance with ISO 105-CO6 done a certified Bureau Veritas Lab.

The same for color fastness to rubbing tests done in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 105-X12:2016.

Blocker 2.0 

ROQ is able guarantee dye migration free printing on polyester! Just check the difference between the image on the left and on the right.

That’s due to the launched of the New Micropigment Blocker 2.0 for the ROQ HYBRID.

Its homogeneous formula prevents the dye migration from the fabric to the printed art work. 

Clear 2.0

Looking for more vivid colors prints and better touch, ROQ has the perfect and New solution for you!

Developed to enhance the ROQ HYBRID performance on printed fabrics, our range of consumables incorporates the new Micropigment Clear 2.0.

The Clear 2.0 is applied before the white under base and also can be used as Top Coating in the end to protect and enhance long lasting and high bright prints, ensuring an amazing soft touch, and keeping the elasticity, and the excellent washing fastness results.

How to make outstanding Hybrid prints with Top Coating?

With the new range of ROQ HYBRID consumables you can make oustanding prints.

For the below tutorial we used a ROQ NEXT P16 circular machine integrated with the ROQ HYBRID and follow this steps:

  1. Load the Garment
  2. Apply the Clear 2.0
  3. Use the ROQ Flash DRY
  4. Apply the White Base Micropigment 2.0
  5. Use the ROQ Flash DRY
  6. Use the ROQ IRON
  7. Apply the White Base Micropigment 2.0
  8. Use the ROQ Flash DRY
  9. Apply the ROQ Primer Pretreatment Micropigment 2.0
  10. Use the ROQ Flash DRY
  11. Use the ROQ HYBRID printer with CMYKGR Micropigment 2.0 inks
  12. Free station
  13. Use the ROQ Flash DRY
  14. Use the Clear 2.0 Micropigment for Top Coating
  15. Free station
  16. Unload the Garment

For more information about the ROQ HYBRID or on how to make great prints with this machine please email us at:

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