The first step from screen to digital printing

Designed to work with a screen printing machine, ROQ HYBRID brings unprecedented efficiency and quality to garment customization, especially adapted to the fashion market.

ROQ HYBRID combines the best of both worlds, giving your company the flexibility to create stunning and versatile personalized garments that stand out in the market.

Main technical features

» Maximum productivity: Achieves impressive production speeds, for an hybrid machine, of up to 320 garments per hour (actual production may vary depending on the size of the print and the number of passes).

» Perfect synchronization: ROQ HYBRID is designed to work in perfect synchronization with an automatic screen printing machine, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow.

» User-friendly interface: The intuitive interface renders operation of ROQ HYBRID very easy, allowing your team to easily harness the power of this hybrid printing system.

» Advanced printheads: Industrial printheads with piezoelectric technology and built-in ink recirculation guarantee consistent, vibrant prints.

» Color options: Choose between CMYK or CMYKGR (additional red and green channels) settings, giving you the flexibility to get the color results you want.

» High resolution: With a maximum resolution of 635X2400 DPI, ROQ HYBRID delivers impressive detail and color accuracy.

» XL+ print area: Enjoy an extended print area that accommodates larger designs and garments.

» Z-axis movement: The Z-axis has a range of movement of 20 mm, ensuring precise print placement on various fabric thicknesses.

» Eco-friendly ink: ROQ HYBRID uses pigmented water-based ink with Eco Passport certification, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

» Customized RIP software: Benefit from the customized RIP software, ROQ Studio, developed by Neostampa, ensuring seamless integration and efficient printing processes.

Elevate your garment customization capabilities with ROQ HYBRID, a cutting-edge solution that combines the speed of screen printing with the color vibrancy and detail of digital printing.

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