ROQ Customer Testimonial - Owning a ROQ Hybrid

For us at ROQ, customer feedback is always of the utmost importance. That’s why we set out to send some surveys to make sure we get constant reviews about our machines and their performance.

These reviews will allow us to know what we are doing right, the things we need to improve upon, and features that our customers feel would be good additions.

For today's blog post, I would like to feature a survey from one of our happy customers, Mr. Kieran Hickey.

Mr. Hickey is the Owner and Sourcing Director of Basic Thinking LTD, a hybrid garment printing company based out of Leicester with over 26 years of experience in the garment industry, manufacturing for UK's leading high street retailers.

A longtime owner of many ROQ machines and solutions, Mr. Hickey recently acquired a ROQ Hybrid so, we decided to ask him a few questions about our machine's behavior and how it was able to help his business.

When asked about his decision to choose the ROQ Hybrid, Kieran said that by going for a hybrid solution, you open your business to a myriad of options that traditionally were just impossible to do and that, within the hybrid printing market, the wide-format our machine has and high speeds it's capable of doing, ultimately made him decide for yet another ROQ printing solution.

On his company’s website, he explains this further and gives us a glimpse of what our machine can truly achieve and the value it adds to any print shop:

“As the print method is digital, complex designs can be printed with ease -for example, photographic prints or very intricate designs which other print methods would find impossible to achieve. The beauty of the hybrid is it is able to print specifics which digital cannot, we can pick out a particular pantone or a part of the design and screen print or embellish, within the same print process, allowing for no limitations including neons, glitters, foils, and all sorts of embellishments within the print. Hybrid screen printing is not limited to just cotton, its versatility allows screen printers to digitally print on almost any fabric, including polyester and synthetic materials.” –

We wouldn’t have described it better ourselves! Hybrid Printing’s versatility truly stands out while dividing your printing tasks between both methods to fully make use of their best features.

Now, you might be wondering if learning how to use a machine like this would be troublesome and that maybe, even with all these advantages, operators would be hard-pressed to operate the machine proficiently.

Those are normal concerns to have when dealing with new technology and knowing this, that’s exactly what we asked Kieran about next.

He responded by saying that, even though at first, they had a bit of a learning curve to get through while getting introduced to our new proprietary RIP Software, after a while, his operators got used to it and production resumed as normal with the added fact that his business scope was now exponentially bigger than before.

“Why choose between screen printing or digital when you can have both?”

This is one of their mottos, and after this blog, I think you can see why. By acquiring a Hybrid Printer, you get to have the best of both worlds, the speed of screen-printing allied with the detailed quality and adaptability that digital is known for.

With our ROQ Hybrid, your business will be able to operate within the web-to-print market with ease as it will be capable of dealing with several small orders at a time by making use of its fast set up times and ability to print any kind of complex artwork that might come up in your orders.

To conclude, I would like to thank Mr. Kieran Hickey and his company Basic Thinking LTD for providing this interview and all other pieces of valuable information that I’m sure will help others in making their own decisions to expand into this new digital era and serve as valuable feedback for our team.

If after this brief interview you think this solution might just be what you were looking for, I invite you to read and learn more about our new generation of Hybrid DTG solutions here!

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at so that we can clear any doubts that might arise.

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