The ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System has various layouts to suit your business needs

The ROQ Packaging Line is the ultimate auto fulfillment integrated solution for your company's Print, Pack and Ship needs.

With a folding speed of up to 700* garments per hour with only 1 operator, the ROQ Packaging Line can have the best possible layout to suit your business, as these inline machines (ROQ FOLD, ROQ STACK, ROQ PACK, ROQ BAG and ROQ LABEL) combine with each other.

In addition, they are controlled through the same control panel, giving your business a fully automatic production line that will fold, stcak, pack, bag and label all your garments easily and consistently. This production flow will for sure amaze all your customers with improved delivery times.
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*or 500 garments per hour if the ROQ Bag is included on the choosen layout. 

ROQ produces integrated solutions for the textile industry from start to finish

The ROQ Packaging Line is an essential element of the ROQ integrated solutions for the textile industry. 

And what is an integrated solution?

It's a complementary range of industrial machines that goes from pre-treatment to labeling, including also printing, drying, folding, stacking, packaging and bagging equipments.

The underlying concept is simple: to enable textile companies to "Print, Pack and Ship" with equipment from the same brand, all of which produced entirely by ROQ, compatible with each other, easily interconnected and always serviced by our company or by ROQ's certified partners in over 40 countries.

Combining the various ROQ machines is possible for both screen printing, hybrid and 100% digital printing jobs.

In the photo below is displayed the Automatic Fulfillment System which is made up of highly productive equipments:

» The ROQ NOW, a fully digital machine unique on the market as an attractive DTG solution for textile companies doing high-volume digital printing.

» The ROQ SAHARA, a high-productivity oven that has up-to-date user-friendly software with a new recipe storage system that makes it possible to manage exposure time, temperature and control of the various drying parameters.

» The ROQ PACKAGING LINE, which integrates folding, packaging, bagging and labeling equipment all together with the possibility of different layouts to suit your business and production space. 

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Do you need to fold garments and other textile and promotional items in a short time?

Integrated into the ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System is ROQ FOLD!

This automatic folding machine folds any type and shape of garment such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos (short or long sleeves), pants, skirts, dresses and even flags!

Check out in the video below the tip to find out how you can easily fold a hoodie in the ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System!

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