How to achieve over 200 photo quality prints with 1 operator in a full DTG machine

To achieve speeds of over 200 photo quality printed garments per hour, whether with variable data or copies of the same artwork for small print jobs, ROQ NOW is equipped with two in-line pre-treatement stations, four flash cures, and four heat presses that are perfectly configured for a complete automated workflow.

This 100% Digital Printing machine uses a streamlined five-stage process (pre-treatment, drying, pre-pressing, digital white, and finally, CMYK+2) that saves time and energy in a single step operation.

That's why the ROQ NOW is the more efficient direct-to-garment (DTG) machine available on the market and its prints have an unparalleled wash fastness.

Our ROQ Now has a complete set of features and can be operated by one person, eliminating the need for a dedicated group of people.
This allows your staff to focus on other tasks while only 1 operator maintains a steady production.

The ROQ NOW is made up of new digital technology that meets the high quality production requirements for adaptability and personalisation in the world of textile printing.

With the ROQ NOW, the garment goes from blank to pre-treatment to final finishing all in an inline process which results in amazing photo-realistic prints with unparalled wash fastness. This is due to being equipped with Fujifilm Starfire Printheads with recirculation, making the ROQ NOW a maintenance and service "friendly" digital industrial printer that works with DuPont™ Artistri® digital textile water-based inks.

These inks are a step-change in technology, offering a 30% improvement in color compared to the previous generation digital inks. This improvement is possible also in view of the process of how our ROQ machines apply the ink and manage its consumption.

Additionally in this context, note that the ROQ NOW can be configured with CMYK or CMYK+2 ink set, adding orange and green to the CMYK, which increases spectrum of the color gamut allowing for even better and accurate photo-quality prints.

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