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Stuart Huff, CEO of Shirt Hits the Fan, visited ROQ's facilities and had the opportunity to see the whole process of making ROQ machines up close.
Colin Shane talks about his journey in the textile printing industry and his relationship with ROQ.
Between May 23 and 26, ROQ was in Munich to participate in another edition of FESPA.
ROQ SAHARA conveyor dryer has been improved and is now more efficient than ever! This machine can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferred workflow.
Behind the scenes of the construction of a ROQ OVAL EVOLUTION! We are real and we are close to you!
ROQ will be present at FESPA in Munich and ITMA in Milan, to present the range of screen and digital printing machines and accessories.

To mark World Tree Day, trees were planted by ROQ Group employees, promoting care for the Planet.

With 80 pallets and 26 printheads, the largest ROQ OVAL was built according to customer needs and is ready for mass production.

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Grimco and ROQ.US are uniting to make ROQ machines widely available across the United States.

May your wishes come true!
After 22 years, the first oval machine to be produced is still working with the high standards of print quality at one of our customers!
Phil Alexandre, ROQ technician since 2016, explains the importance of having a technical assistance team ready to respond to any problem the customer may have.
ROQ Group was the winner of the Portugal Inspirador Award in the category of Large Company Innovation, Technology and Industry
The purpose of this date is to highlight the importance of Quality in the productivity and competitiveness of organizations.
The different ROQ screen printing machines have different properties, making them adaptable to various businesses.
ROQ and ROQUS want those who visit to have an enriching experience.  Click and see what we have prepared for you.
Having good mental health is crucial for emotional, psychological, and social well-being. When mental health is weak, people cannot live calmly in society, including in the work environment.
Always with our eyes on the future, we try to be always close to the screen and digital printing market, showing the best we have to offer.
Rob Welch has been sales and consulting person from ROQUS team for several years. Every day he tries to maintain close contact with customers and show the potential of ROQ machines.
The Packaging Line, which can be adjusted to the business of each costumer, consists of a cluster of machines capable of placing the garment ready to be shipped to the right recipient.

In September ROQ will be present in several events, not only in its own name but also through its local agents.

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In July and August ROQ was present in two shows in Brazil, through the branch ROQBR, showing its potential in the screen printing and packaging line market.

Built with several systems that improve performance by reducing setup times, the independent elevation of the printing heads saves energy, and much more.

With summer vacation just around the corner, ROQ Group decided to gather its employees in a moment full of surprises. The company believes that sharing moments like this strengthen team spirit and promote a sense of belonging.


Alex Haug, owner of Twin City Tees in Minnesota, has been involved in the world of screen printing from an early age.  ROQ enjoys welcoming its partners to its facilities and promote close contact.

Through the ROQ Hybrid it is possible to combine the best of both worlds (DTG and screen printing) and obtain amazing results. 

The web-to-print market is increasingly present in more and more businesses. ROQ machines are ready to respond to this market, being able to print a garment and place it ready to be shipped.
In July ROQ Brazil will be present at Future Print between 20 and 23 in São Paulo and in August at Febratex between 23 and 26 August in Blumenau, Santa Catarina

ROQ was present, for the first time, at Texprocess between 21st and 24th June in Frankfurt.

At FESPA ROQ displayed the best of screen printing and drying sharing the booth with Achitex Minerva SpA, world leading ink supplier and our partners in print.

The company received, in its facilities, the ROQ US team and partners.

ROQ Group celebrated today ROQ DAY: International Family Day, a day when employees had the opportunity to show their families the facilities in which they work.

This initiative falls within the scope of the ESG and reveals exactly what the ROQ Group intends to establish an effective involvement in the community in which it operates.
These products allow ROQ customers to get a competitive advantage, making them always one step ahead of the competition and achieve the desired success.

In this interview, Sean Mundy, owner of King Graphics, shares his history in the digital printing world and the experience of working with ROQ.

Texprocess will take place between the 21st and 24th of June and will have the presence of ROQ.
Between 31 May and 3 June, together with its commercial partner Achitex Minerva, ROQ will be present at FESPA. This event brings together the best of the world of screen printing, digital printing and textile printing.
The 2nd ROQ Training Session demonstrates how to use ROQ PRU, the Positive Registration Unit.
By acquiring a ROQ Now, a 100% digital machine, make it possible to respond to orders more quickly and efficiently while achieving ever higher levels of quality. 
This month, we were at the REMA DAYS 2022, where it was possible to share viewpoints on the Industry 5.0, more precisely, on the integrated DTG solutions for the textile industry 5.0 that ROQ is developing.
At this event, ROQ had the opportunity to show the printing quality of our machines and how differentiated we are from the market. In addition to new business opportunities, we strengthened existing relationships.
ROQ produces and sends print samples all over the world, so you can check the print quality of our machines. 
Joel Esteves, CEO of BEG, shared the long history of collaborations between his company and ROQ and revealed the intention to extend this partnership, stating that ROQ is the perfect choice. 

ROQ Training Sessions are videos intended to show how the machines work. The first will show how to proceed with foil, flock, and digital printing, showing and explaining, in detail, the entire process.


Liquid Graphics has been our partner for several years and currently has around 20 ROQ machines. Thanks to this partnership this company has managed to excel in the stamping market with good results.

This month we installed more ROQ machines in the Middle East. It is a pleasure for us to maintain this type of partnership and to be able to help our customers to evolve and be more productive in the stamping market.
Early this year, we had the opportunity to share some time with our partner Print Renegades. This met was important to strengthen our relationship and hear about it’s experience with our equipment.
"The ROQ prints came up so precise, the registration, every single detail I see in the machine... I said “that´s it, the machine I needed"
Isaac Bauman, service technician on the ROQ US team, shared a bit of his professional background in an interview at ROQ TECH CENTER.
 The Cor Suspensa has been our partner for several years. Our long-term relationship translates into the quality of the pieces made through ROQ machines.
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