CN Company


CN ROQ is an European industrial company, vertically integrated, that has been working within its field of activity since its inception, the manufacturing and commercialization of textile printing machines, piece by piece.

With its 38 years of history, ROQ is a globalized company, possessing an extensive network encompassing all continents and exporting 85% of its products to over 60 countries, with a firmly consolidated sales volume of 60 million € employing  550 people.

With headquarters in Europe (Portugal) and offices in the United States and Brazil, the company also has agents all around the world to ensure distribution and post-sale support in all their active markets.

With resilience and innovation coursing through the company´s DNA, ROQ is technologically advanced, having distinct skills in the field of engineering, which assures the know-how and vanguard in the development of printing precise, reliable, and user-friendly equipment with effective and personal post-sales support service.

Present in both the fashion and promotional markets, ROQ possesses a wide array of Machines and Equipment for textile printing:
Screen printing, Digital Printing, Digital Web2Print, Hybrid printing, Packaging, and Dryers.

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