Technical Specs

The binder-less pretreatment creates the foundation for the ink to sit on.
This solution allows for little to no maintenance on the spray nozzles. Because there is no glue in the chemistry, we can print without worries of blocked nozzles, resulting in damaged prints.
This also means softer hand feeling on the garment and little to no pretreatment marks.
If a garment has a slight stain, we are able to 100% rinse it off and completely remove any marks on the garment.If a slight mark should happen, it will be removed in a single quick wash or rinse.
This allows the ROQ NOW to print on garments our competitors cannot.

Clear Protector

This product is jetted directly in the print and gives us the best-in-class wash fastness.
It makes DTG a compelling solution not only for one off direct to consumers, but also for large brands with the highest quality standards.  

White + CMYK+2

ROQ has developed a system to print white without the issues of blocked nozzles, typical with the white DTG ink. Using specialized printheads with recirculating inks, our white station prints with ease.
The DuPont™ Artistri® color ink set or CMYK+2 gives us the expanded gamut that creates beautiful bright prints that are truly unique in the industry.

The ROQ NOW does all of this with the ability to print over 200 unique prints per hour!


ROQ NOW with DuPont™
The collaboration between ROQ and DuPont™ has proved out to create the best-in-class DTG solution. It is the combination of the DuPont™ Artistri® Chemistry and the unique application method on the ROQ NOW that has achieved the best wash fastness in the industry without a heavy crusty pretreated garment. All this possible through the pretreatment chemistry: the binder-less pretreatment and the clear protector. The white ink and expanded gamut colors complete the system.

DuPont™ Artistri®digital textile inks are a step-change  in technology, offering a 30% improvement in color compared to
previous generation digital DTG inks.
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