Welcome to the ROQ Tech Center

We at ROQ proudly debuted our brand new ROQ Tech Center. With a clean and simple look, our Tech Center goes straight to the point and was the result of a lot of planning and hard work.

More than just a simple showroom, our ROQ Tech Center was designed to be an important training, development and practice tool, not only to our clients, but also to our ROQ team members and agents.

For us, it was important to have a new space that reflected our ambitions and could support our growth by helping us through our continuous expansion and innovation.

This Tech Center will assist us during tasks such as client training, where we aim to use it in order to clear any doubts and concerns one could have about our machines and with machine development by providing our engineers with a live production simulation environment where they can test and troubleshoot new technology and printing techniques with ease.

Our center will also be an important asset to host events such as the one we had during launch week when our sales and marketing teams were instructed about our new 3rd Generation DTG Machines. This kind of live briefing will be very important to make sure all teams stay up to date with ROQ’s ever evolving technology, allowing them to better serve our customers.

We were also in need of a way to connect with our worldwide network of agents and customers so, our ROQ Tech Center is also equipped with a live broadcast setup ready for any events, new machine launches and seminars that might occur. In a company as global as ours, these kinds of live events will be absolutely crucial in ensuring that all agents and headquarters can get access to all of our latest development updates at the same time.

Having everyone on the same page is absolutely invaluable, and this system will surely bring everyone closer together and get them rowing in the same direction.

We hope that soon our clients and agents will be able to see this space for themselves! If interested in doing so, please email us at: sales@roqinternational.com