Testing Complex Multicolor Designs at the Center

With the release of our new 3rd generation DTG machines, a new range of possibilities was opened and our designers at ROQ have been taking advantage of them to create and test more complex multicolor designs.

Our new generation of DTG machines is equipped to deal with different kinds of color combinations and promises to be a powerful ally when dealing with multiple low quantity orders of pieces including intricate artwork.

We have been hard at work creating these samples at our ROQ Tech Center, assuring that our machines are more than ready to tackle the web-to-print market known for this exact kind of orders. Our machines will not only replicate colors with fidelity, but also in very high quality, guaranteeing that every detail within the print will pass through cleanly.

If you want to sample your own designs at our center and work directly with our team to test different kinds of projects, be sure to email us at:  roqtechcenter@roqinternational.com

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