Pedro Teixeira, RUPE CEO, gives his testimonial on the ROQ HYBRID

“I think the future lies in this type of equipment (ROQ HYBRID), because we are in an era of improving the environment and this machine will solve 80% of what we consume today”.

Pedro Teixeira, CEO and Manager of the textile company RUPE, gives his testimonial on how the ROQ HYBRID has helped his business to attract new value-added clients, improve profits and optimize processes.

RUPE started out more than 30 years ago in the embroidery business. About 6 years ago, Pedro Teixeira saw an opportunity in the screen printing business and has evolved in recent years to Hybrid printing, being today one the biggest market references.

About ROQ HYBRID we can say that...

It’s a fusion between screen printing and digital printing, leaving all the color to digital, which offers a wider color gamut and more resolution options that you simply can't find in screen printing.

This unique combination utilizes the best of both worlds and allows all kinds of combinations and methods such as flock, foil, glitter, crackle, high density, among others.

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