ROQ PRU – The value of consistent accuracy

Accuracy and Precision are words that often-haunted screen-printers when dealing with registration, not only because of what it meant whenever someone would make a mistake, but also the time that was wasted during it, regardless of one being made or not. 

Messing up the registration process on one of your screens can be a very frustrating experience and regardless of how much attention you give to it or know-how you have, human error will sometimes kick in and put an annoying stop to your production, restarting your setup process.

Now, errors exist and are a normal occurrence in any field or activity, however, even when you are doing a great job, getting ready for multicolor prints continues to be a slow and tedious process that often takes too much time. 

All the time printers are wasting on setups and registration should be spent printing, and this was something that ROQ was invested in fixing.

While thinking of the problems that exist in most screen printing shops, we at ROQ realized we needed to come up with a better solution for printers, one that would get past this hurdle definitively so that the issues and frustrations I mentioned before could fully become a thing of the past.

After researching, listening and discussing the project with screen printers and a lot of testing, ROQ finally released the PRU-Positive Registration Unit back in 2009 and the registration of film positives was never the same.

With the ROQ PRU, the printer just needs to place the screen in the positive registration pins and position the film by using our LED lights, which will ensure an accurate placement every single time.

For this, ROQ offers two options: one for pin system users and the other using regular screen clamps (U-clamp system).

After using the PRU, the screen is now ready to be burned and proceed directly to the printing phase, without requiring any extra setup time. For the U-clamp system users, a special registration pallet will be required for the final setup in the screen-printing machine.

After reading this, you are probably wondering how fast the ROQ PRU really is and how much it will help you in the long run so, ROQ US’s Danny Gruninger set out to clear any doubts and created a video to give you a glimpse of the set-up speeds you can achieve while maintaining perfect registration accuracy. 

This combination of accuracy and speed is very rare in the screen-printing world and if you want to know more about our registration tools don’t hesitate to contact us.