Happy new ROQ year

All ROQ machine's parts are made (from start to finish) and assembled in our state-of-the-art 34.000 square meters factory.

The raw materials arrive, are stored in ROQ's automated warehouse, and then follow various processes: laser cutting, bending, welding, machining, electrification, assembly and, at the end, they undergo rigorous quality control. In fact, at every stage of the manufacturing process, all the components of ROQ machine parts undergo strict quality control.

This ensures the legendary versatility and registration precision of ROQ machines, whether they are screen printing, digital or hybrid (combining the best of screen printing with the most up-to-date digital technology).

In addition of having a wide range of equipment's for printing, drying, packaging and shipping that allows you to grow at your own pace, ROQ produces all its machines from start to finish.

We have financing solutions available

While other brands are mainly component integrators, ROQ receives the raw materials and transforms them into finished machines, including assembling and quality controlling every part.

That's why ROQ is the world leader in the manufacting of screen printing machines, whose registration system is legendary ensuring the consistency and accuracy of printing over time.

Manufacturing all in-house and having a team of more than 600 people, including more than 40 engineers, ROQ is not only able to respond quickly to customer demands and incorporating their added value suggestions into our machines but also to have dedicated teams working together with our customers to optimize their operations in order for them to make more money!

Year 2024 begins with excellent business for ROQ, cementing our position as the market leader in the manufacture of printing, drying and packaging equipment for the textile industry. We have financing solutions available for some countries, so if you contact us we can check if this is the case in your country.  

To visit our factory or our ROQ Tech Center or for more information about our machines, please email us at

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