“Honestly, because ROQ is the best in the world”

At the beginning of the interview, Joel mentions that BEG was one of the first customers that ROQ had, sharing a brief story tolded by his father about how ROQ had its origin and the way that the two companies established a strong and effective partnership that remains to this day.

The company is well established in the printing market, always looking for the innovation that goes hand in hand with the screen printing and the digital printing. Together with ROQ, which uses the best components in all its printing machines, BEG seeks to reach more and more customers.

Throughout this interview, were highlighted aspects related to the efficiency of our printing machines and the closeness of our after-sales service. In addition to the aspects mentioned, the future related to digital printing was highlighted as a way to go. 

This type of relationship allows ROQ to show the value that the relationships established with its partners have in the screen printing and digital printing market.

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