ROQ US meets our new ROQ Tech Center

This past Wednesday, our live broadcast setup brought together ROQ and ROQ.US for a presentation showcasing our ROQ Tech Center and the new 3rd generation DTG machines.

As this was ROQ.US first time seeing the center, we took some time to give them a proper introduction to the new space. We are looking forward to their personal visit so that they can experience it first-hand!

After, our ROQ.US teammates were briefed about the new machines and had the chance to watch them in action during a simulated production environment.

These kinds of events are one of the main reasons why the ROQ Tech Center was created, and we hope that this was one of many presentations that we will host over the years.

Projects like this bring everyone closer together, no matter how far they might be, and this is an especially valuable asset during the times we are currently living in.

For more information about our new center and how you can schedule a visit, read our blog below!