ROQ Training Session: foil, flock and digital printing application

ROQ Training Sessions consist of interactive videos where is possible to better understand the operation of the ROQ machines, allowing our customers to maximize their performance and take full advantage of the potential of the equipment developed in our company. During the course of the next ROQ Training Sessions, you will be able to observe machines for screen printing, digital printing, dryers, folding and packaging machines.

These videos will allow ROQ to be closer to its customers, so that they can maintain high levels of performance and high quality.

The 1st ROQ Training Session will show how to proceed with a foil, flock and digital printing application, showing and explaining, in detail, the whole process, allowing to demonstrate the capacity of DTG machines.

During the video, you can see the equipment and the components used in this process, as well as all the techniques applied before, during and after stamping. Only through this process it is possible to obtain the quality pieces that allow us to exceed our customers' expectations. Our DTG Solutions can give you excellent results with less operations than the screen-printing process. 

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