The compact automatic packaging machine ROQ

Brian Richards, VP of Sales & Marketing at ROQ.US, presents in the video below the ROQ's automatic fulfillment machine that can perform folding, packing, and labeling tasks while taking up less space than ever before.

With this compact machine, the final dimensions of the folded garment can be customized to suit the requirements of each project. By being adaptable to customers' needs, the ROQ OUT can revolutionize your business as it can automatically fulfill orders, allowing your products to quickly impress your customers.

This machine is perfect for t-shirts and can automatically fulfill retail apparel, ensuring a quick delivery to the customers.

Technical specifications include:

Fulfillment of up to 350 garments per hour, being ideal for t-shirts, sweaters, and polos.
Three standard folding dimensions, i.e.,
» Small - 165 x 200 (mm) | 6.5"x7.85” (WxL)
» Medium - 245 x 300 (mm) | 9.65"x11.8” (WxL)
» Large - 325 x 365 (mm) | 12.75"x14.35 (WxL)
Can handle maximum roll dimensions of 350mm x 500mm in diameter.

The ROQ OUT has an option for Label P&A, which includes standard barcode and shipping labels and is capable of processing low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), and opaque plastic film rolls.

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