Testimonial from Estrela do Campo on ROQ NOW

“I consider ROQ NOW to be one of the best digital machines in the world, both in terms of production capacity, of quality and cleanliness in general".

Armindo Freitas, CEO of Estrela do Campo, gives a testimonial of his company's relationship with ROQ and how that relationship helped his business to grow.

Estrela Do Campo is a Portuguese clothing manufacturer that undertakes all the stages of production for fashion industry.

Product quality, worldwide delivery, response capacity, flexibility and advanced technology all help to give Estrela Do Campo its excellent reputation in the World textile industry.

And about ROQ NOW?

ROQ NOW is a a fully digital machine with built-in pre-treatment for the web-to-print market.

Built on the body of ROQ's legendary oval machines, it enables the most precise indexing on the market. This means that the registration from pallet to pallet is exact and does not change over time.

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