ROQ Ambassador Award goes to Alex Haug of Twin City Tees

Congratulations to Alex Haug, Twin City Tees owner, for winning the ROQ brand ambassador award.

By ambassador we mean someone who organically, and with no compensation, promotes our ROQ brand to the community in order to get more people to recognize it.

And that's exactly what Alex has done over the years!

He has proved to be an important partner for everyone who has shown an interest in getting to know the brand, including having created ROQ's Facebook page in 2017, among many other brand promotion actions that Alex proactively carried out. 

We were extremely happy to see the joy on Alex's face at being recognized with this award.

In Alex's words:

"WELL! You sure know how to flatter a guy!

I feel SUPER lucky to have made the connection with ROQ when I did. I have been able to be a part of you more than doubling in size, and some great innovations.

The best part that I could have never dreamed of is the great hard working people it has allowed me to meet all over the world! Truly lucky! It is almost easy to have passion and talk about a great company when they are dedicated to quality and not cutting corners. That is ROQ.

You make some of the most advanced machines out there, but a regular guy like me can understand them and I would feel confident working on them if I needed to. I know you said "no compensation" but if you guys have a extra dryer laying around gathering dust, I know a place it would fit!

Thank you for the acknowledgement, but most of all the friendship".

More details about Twin City Tees

Twin City Tees, based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota (U.S.A.) was founded in April of 2005 by Alex Haug, who had a passion for screen printing, and a dream to create a shop full of fun and creativity. 

Alex soon realized the impact a name or design on a shirt had on the people coming through the door. It was then, decided he wanted to make artists, bands, and small businesses dreams' come to life with creative and quality prints, while creating a fun and reliable relationship with them. We are a print shop of born dreamers, entrepreneurs, and artists, as Alex describes his print shop.

Keep on ROQ'in Alex! You'll always be in the heart and mind of the ROQ FAM!

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