Did You know?

Roq has always sought to develop machines not only related to screen and digital printing, but also to drying with high quality. We always bet on the search for technological innovations that would make ROQ machines have the ability to meet the demands of the customer and the market, which is increasingly competitive.

Year after year, ROQ always seeks to be at the forefront of the screen and digital printing world and it is thanks to this and the effort of employees that ROQ can create products of excellence that compete worldwide. We produce our machines with a lot of quality and that’s why the first dryer that was installed by ROQ, more than 35 years ago, still works. The components we use to produce ROQ machines give them high durability without ever stopping producing quality parts.

For that to happen is also fundamental the capability of our technical assistance team to respond to every issue that happens daily as also to provide preventive maintenance services to our ROQ clients, both with the aim of always maintaining the reliability and production quality of the machines for decades.

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