Our Global Assistance Network

ROQ has been providing solutions to businesses all over the world for a long time now. Our ROQ solutions have reached over 60 countries and this number keeps growing every year as our continuous search for new heights and desire to explore new markets keeps leading us towards expansion.

However, you might be wondering how a company situated in Portugal is able to provide a top tier support service to its worldwide clientele. The answer is simple, we don’t do it alone!

Whenever we decide to open our solutions to a new market, we always make sure that our assistance network can properly service it, and if not, we make sure that it will.

The worst thing that can happen to a printer is to have his entire production stopped over a technical issue with no help in sight. Knowing this, we had to provide a solution so that our clients would never have to go through such a stressful endeavor.

When you become a ROQ client and acquire your first ROQ machine, a team of certified professionals will be assigned to assemble it at your location and brief you on how to use it, perform its maintenance and how to troubleshoot some common issues that could occur, guaranteeing a smooth start to your new machine’s life span.

If by any reason you require further support down the line, you will have access to a top tier tech support group that will always do its best to ensure your problems are fixed as soon as possible.

Within our team, we have local support agents that will either be in your country or in its proximity, ready to intervene in case of emergency, in person or remotely. These local support agents are either trained here in Portugal, where they receive a certification diploma, or trained by agents that already acquired their own certification.

Our main support team situated in Portugal is also always available to solve any major issues that might arise, providing their expertise and know-how in a personalized manner that will ensure every issue is solved according to our client’s specific problems.

Our objective for the near future is to keep increasing the number of certified technicians so that we can assure even higher levels of quality for our support across the globe. Recent events have been slowing this process down as travelling is not very easy at the moment, but we are eagerly looking towards the future of this project.

With all the certifications and innovations we have coming through, such as our augmented reality system that has been improved exponentially over the last few months, ROQ is ensuring a bright future for their support system, making sure our customers stay comfortable and relaxed knowing that certified help is only a call away and always happy to help!