Our Automated Storage Robot

Here at ROQ we manufacture our machines from the very beginning leaving no stones unturned, from conception to the end product we have been delivering to printers all over the world for almost 40 years now.

In order to do so, we had to build a system that would allow us to manufacture all the necessary parts in-house. This process takes a lot of storage space, and navigating through a warehouse of parts can be one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever have.
While the problem may be frustrating, the solution, however, is definitely exciting. With this post, I would like to invite you to learn a bit more about the robot that has been part of ROQ´s team for over 6 years now.

With it, ROQ’s production environment was heavily optimized by increasing its overall storage space and automatically delivering all kinds of materials to our machines using its fast item retrieval system.

This top-of-the-line automatic storage robot is a behemoth with over 4000 storage units, being a testament to ROQ’s commitment towards constant improvement and growth, not only in size, but also in quality.

This commitment was true back in 2014 when the robot was first launched and is even bigger now as we keep setting higher goals and releasing products like our brand-new 3rd Generation of DTG machines.

Because of it, ROQ keeps raising the bar higher and higher, which allows us to remain and compete as one of the leading forces within the market.