New ROQ machines are available!

The realistic vision of what the market has demanded led to the development of ROQ READY, ROQ GO, ROQ OUT. All of them machines created to meet the needs of more specific market segments, thus expanding our range of options.

ROQ GO is a 100% digital single pallet machine, ideal for small productions and often related to e-commerce. This machine, combined with ROQ READY, a pre-treatment machine, prints pieces of unparalleled quality.

On the other hand, ROQ OUT is a 3-in-1 machine, capable of folding, packaging, and labeling. It is a small machine, capable of revolutionizing any business, and is customizable to the customers' needs. Ideal for t-shirts, sweaters, and polos, this machine gets the garment ready to be shipped to the final customer.

The proximity to customers and the relationship of commitment, promote the sharing of feedback that results in constant innovations and updates of the range of ROQ machines, always looking towards the future.

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