ESG Initiatives - March is mental health month at ROQ

As part of ROQ Group's ESG program, March was our mental health month.

The mental health of our employees is a topic of enormous importance to ROQ Group, which is why we've carried out various actions within our facilities.

The actions carried out under this theme were:

» Mindfulness workshop - This workshop taught our employees strategies for concentrating completely on the present. To be aware of what is going on around them and to promote physical and mental well-being.

» Workshop on mental health and nutrition - This workshop covered the importance of nutrition and physical activity for good mental health. Workers were informed about the type of diet they should follow and the type of physical activity best suited to achieving the best balance.

» Workshop on the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine for mental health - This excellent workshop covered how traditional Chinese medicine helps to control emotions and mental well-being, as well as providing relaxation tips.

» Workshop on burnout - This workshop covered what causes this type of illness and strategies and actions to combat and prevent burnout.

Here's a video summary of all the activities carried out as part of Mental Health Month.

We'd like to remind you that shortly, we'll run more initiatives within the scope of the ROQ Group's ESG.

Stay tuned...

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