Innovation, Technology and Industry Award

The ROQ Group won the Portugal Inspirador Award in the Large Company Innovation, Technology and Industry category, an initiative proposed by Santander, Jornal de Negócios, CM TV and Correio da Manhã.

The Portugal Inspirador Award is an initiative that aims to distinguish and publicize companies and personalities that make a difference in the country. This distinction is the result of their ability to create jobs, stimulate the market, innovate, enhance economic development, and thus contribute to the growth of the national economy.
The ROQ Group seeks every day, in various sectors of the company, to be at the forefront of technology, promoting products of unparalleled quality, created with the best components and using innovative techniques.

The result of this continuous dedication, earned the distinction in the category of Large Company Innovation, Technology and Industry, for large companies that highlights the transformation of industry in Portugal and its evolutionary process driven by the new framework of EU support focused on decarbonization of the economy, digital transformation and incorporation of new local production capabilities to avoid dependence on outside the European Union.


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