The future never looked so green

Today our CEO, Fernando Pinto, with our Head of HR, Fábia Martins, cut the green ribbon symbolizing the official inauguration of an organic garden at ROQ Group's premises!

The event was very well received and attended by our company employees.

As part of another initiative of ROQ Group's annual ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) program, the organic garden has two main objectives:

» Encourage and enforce Circular Economy in the ROQ Group

» Promote sustainability among employees

By definition, circular economy is the process of using waste instead of discarding it.

In line with this process, our cafeteria disposes organic waste in a composter in which natural fertilizer is produced to be used in ROQ Group's garden to grow vegetables.

Throughout the year, there will be more activities that will certainly have an impact on the importance of sustainability among employees.

Ongoing support of local institutions 

Also as part of another initiative in the ROQ Group's annual ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) program, we decided to help a local institution that promotes social inclusion and combats poverty and discrimination.

PSI-ON, the Association for Education, Development and Intervention in Communities (hereinafter referred to as PSI-ON), is a non-profit association founded in 2012, recognized with Public Utility status and which relies on the support of volunteers and differentiated specialists in order to pursue its purpose, which is to promote social inclusion and combat poverty and discrimination.

As part of this initiative, we raised the funds needed to buy more than two dozen food baskets.

In this way, we made our contribution to making the daily lives of the people supported by the institution as happy and joyful as possible.

We start 2024 as we finished last year: promoting more initiatives to make the society we live in a better place.

Let's ROQ!

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