The first ever self-contained automatic screen printing machine

ROQ E is the first ever self-contained automatic screen printing machine. 

No external air supply required. Simply connect it and print as it only requires an electrical connection to operate.

Available with 8 or 10 stations and up to 8 colors, ROQ E also features with low- profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing.

Maximum index speed of up to 900 prints per hour

As said above, ROQ E is available in 8 or 10 Stations (respectively, with up 6 or 8 Colors, and with 3 or 4 optional flash curing connections) and you can make up to 900 prints per hour with a maximum print area of 400x500mm (16’’x20’’). Always with ROQ's quality seal!

Equipped with a silent air compressor, that makes the machine as noiseless as possible, the ROQ E contributes to a quieter environment.

Does it only require electricity?

Yes it's true. ROQ E only needs electricity to operate. External air is no longer necessary!

The machine only requires electrical connection for you to drop to the press. Once it gets that hooked up, it has an onboard air compressor to control some of the pneumatic components that us, at ROQ, feel we require in order to get that high standard of printing.

It also as a built-in air chiller to remove the moisture from the air in order for the pneumatic components not fail over time.

The massive advantage that the ROQ E has with the built in air compressor, which is pretty quiet, is that you do not need going out and spending several thousands of dollars on a compressor and chiller set up to be able to provide air to the press.

Why would you want to print with air power versus relying on a mechanical application?

Educator & Screen Printing Master Jimmy Ormond explains:

"Let's say we’re in a situation where we have a platen or a print arm that somehow differs from the others for some reason (which often doesn’t reveal itself until you print), then the mechanical pressure would follow and reinforce the glitch, it would chop over and wouldn’t address the deviation to give you a proper print. And if I'm just slightly touching the surface of the garment, and if the platen or an arm that was even slightly lower, it wouldn't print properly because it would be mechanically problematic at that point. But with the power of air pressure, it's going to follow and correct any hidden deviation, perfecting your prints effortlessly. It’s highly preferable to print with air all the time. It kind of ‘fills in the cracks’ if and when that would happen and you can be more finite with adjustments. Rather than just trying to mash ink through a screen, you can precisely lay the right amount of ink onto your garment with the exact amount of pressure you'd like.

The ROQ E’s on-board compressor is located out of the way at the bottom of the machine. The 13 gallon tank holds all the air required to run this press if you’re running all six printheads or all eight at one time. This holding tank gives you the ability to run more printheads when you're using more air. We have a six-color E in the Multicraft 1907: The Chicago Printeasy Showroom, but that holding tank would give you all the air required to operate this press at maximum air consumption.

A special air cylinder that was similar to what's on top of the ROQ YOU machines has been replaced with an AC motor that lifts and lowers the printheads with ease. The ROQ E’s AC motor significantly lowers the requirements to run with air, so in addition to having an onboard air compressor, the requirements are greatly reduced."

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