Conveyor dryer ROQ SAHARA is better than ever!

ROQ is at the forefront of the textile printing market in its entirety, offering different printing machines, their accessories, dryers and packaging lines, allowing us to meet the most varied requests. All ROQ equipment is produced with the best components and designed by experienced engineers.

ROQ SAHARA conveyor dryer has been improved and is now more efficient than ever! Comes with improved energy efficiency through its reinforced insulation, advanced noise reduction and an updated user-friendly software including a streamlined recipe saving system to adapt to different types of job curing parameters to align with your automated suite of machines. The ROQ SAHARA is also equipped with a touch screen using B&R automation and Standby Mode that allows you to keep your dryer's temperature lower during breaks to reduce costs and increases its energy efficiency. The warm up mode allows you to gather the best conditions to optimize the heating of the conveyor dryer up to the setpoint, returning to its normal configuration after reaching its ideal temperature.

The ROQ SAHARA can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferred workflow. Turn your business’s curing section into your very own on-demand small desert, capable of achieving dependable high temperatures with higher safety and efficiency than ever before.

We also highlight

- Bi-directional conveyor
- Improved energy efficiency and thermal stability thanks to its reinforced insulation
- Effective performance
- Ventilation regulation
- Solid construction
- Extraction system
- Uniform temperature stability throughout the camera
- Recipe programming
- Quieter system

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