Caixa ESG Award

ROQ Group has won an ESG award.

This time it was the Caixa ESG Award, granted by our country's biggest financial institution.

This is yet another distinction that strengthens the company's policy and encourages it to invest more and more in ESG actions.

For example, last year alone, we carried out several initiatives and measures within the framework of the ESG.

These included:

- Support for the local community, through donations and the collection of goods and funds

- Reduce the use of plastic and the waste of residues

- Install solar panels on our 34.000 square meters factory

- Reduce energy consumption

The "Caixa ESG Awards: The Challenges of Companies in the ESG Era" aim to recognize and encourage Portuguese companies that are committed to sustainable development objectives and incorporate ESG criteria into their management and activities.

Only 25 national companies managed to win this award, and ROQ, represented by our human resources director, Fábia Martins (the second woman on the left of the picture), was one of them.

Stay tuned, because throughout this year we will be carrying out various actions within the scope of ESG, which will be shared on our channels.

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