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ROQ is a world renowned company specializing in the manufacture of fully integrated machines for the textile industry, from printing to shipping.

Based in Europe, ROQ is internationally recognized for the quality and innovation of its machines.

We manufacture a wide range of solutions for the textile industry, including screen printing machines, digital machines, packaging and drying equipment's, and more.

The machines produced by ROQ are widely used by textile businesses all over the world due to their efficiency, precision and ability to handle large production volumes.

We are also recognized for offering extensive technical support and assistance services to our customers.

In short, ROQ is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the textile printing industry, contributing significantly to the automation and modernization of production processes in this sector.

Join thousands of ROQ customers and equip your business with the best printing machines.

We base our claim on the figures we have achieved over these 40 years of production and innovation in the global textile sector.

Take a look at the feedback from customers who have chosen ROQ to equip their companies with the best machines on the market!

Over these 40 years, we have manufactured and sold more than 10,000 machines in almost one hundred countries, always with ROQ's seal of quality!

We are represented in more than 40 countries by local partners who are certified and accredited to sell and service our machines.

We are constantly investing structurally as well as humanly, and we currently have 600 employees. Amazing, right?

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