Avoid the stops!

The worse kept secret ever, the role of maintenance today

Time runs faster at every minute these days. More and more, time is precious for each screen-printing machine.
This is becoming a bigger problem due to what the customers are demanding from the textile brands. The textile industry is changing at a faster rate with the global situation that we live in. The Brands are claiming, among other things, for shorter runs more than ever before, customers are craving for identity and looking for it in clothing. This is pushing the industry for shorter runs that lead to more setups. To keep up with the production numbers, every minute counts. This is why maintenance plays a key role in the day to day operations.
To make more efficient use of time there are two main options, to improve the setup process or to avoid stops at the production level, and ROQ can help you with both. Now we will focus on avoiding stops at the production level caused by equipment malfunctions.
This is the main concern for us at ROQ with every piece of equipment we produce. There are two ways to work through these situations. To act upon a problem, STOP THE STOPs, and to proactively perform regular maintenance and cleaning to AVOID THE STOP.

How to Stop the Stops

To Stop the Stops ROQ created and implemented a global assistance network. With over 115 certified technicians spread around the world. We work with this team to have them up to date with the latest innovations on the ROQ machinery so that they are able to deliver the best service possible On Time.
This is the most efficient way to deliver good and fast service. Our technicians are local, they understand the culture and the language. They get to any customer on time and this makes a world of difference for a company that needs to respect deadlines.
To add to all of this we have remote assistance that can be activated at any time.
This is the reactive way to deal with the stops. Sometimes is the only one we have. However, there is a much better way to work around this, by being proactive and preventive.
To be proactive ROQ supplies the tools, timings, and processes for a simple and efficient maintenance process.
By applying a series of simple and easy tasks on your machine, at the right time you are able to avoid the stops gaining time, whether for production, setups, or any other activity. That is your choice.

Avoid the Stops by keeping one appointment

The ROQ machines are designed with standard procedures that allow for the machine to maintain maximum performance for a long time without the need for unscheduled technical interventions.
The manuals go over the procedures, the materials needed, and most importantly, when to do them. Timing is everything. To make the process easy warnings are embedded in the ROQ software to signal the users when the maintenance is due.
If the user, lubricates the motorization (100.000 cycles), the carriages (500.000 cycles), the print head elevation system (every 6 months), if the motor chain is replaced at the right time (1.000.000 cycles), among other procedures, he will be preventing stops.
The lack of maintenance is one of the principal causes of the stops. This is a waste of time and resources. The maintenance operations can be scheduled with the production and will not interfere in the performance.
An unscheduled stop can have dire consequences to the production and this must be avoided for optimal results. Being proactive with the maintenance is proven to create work stability and this allows for a more efficient workflow allowing more time for production, setups, or other activities.
ROQ implemented on all its line of equipment a maintenance policy that is intuitive and the operations needed are quick to execute and simple. Even if doubts arise, the user can easily contact the ROQ Global Assistance and will have their doubts cleared by a wide array of training tools.
The best course of action is to invest a bit of time and plan to Avoid the Stops. However, if the worse happens and you have to finish production and the machine Stops? ROQ will be there for you with the answers you need to make the machine running in no time.
With the on-time assistance from ROQ, you will gain time, every day.